Case Study

Data Engineers vs Data Scientists

Your data’s best friends.


Compare the work done by data engineers to the work done by data scientists in a shareable, easy to understand format.




Creative Direction Graphic Design


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Astronomer is a SaaS service that takes disparate data sets and integrates them into an actionable body of information. The company, based out of Cincinnati, works to help organizations adopt and scale Apache Airflow clusters without dealing with underlying infrastructure.

(Yeah, I’m not 100% sure what that means because I am not a data scientist.)

The awesome marketing team at Astronomer was looking for everyday language ways in which to communicate that Data Engineers and Data Scientists are different people, tasked with different responsibilities within your team.

The idea is that Data Engineers are actually the perfect end user for a platform like Astronomer, while Data Scientists operate at a different level and use the data differently. At this point, in mid-2017, this difference was not widely understood and being able to differentiate one from the other, we were able to then target potential users differently with content and ABM efforts.

We brainstormed over a few weeks and came up with this side by side comparison style of infographic where we can see the two professionals and compare their day-to-day with easy-to-understand language that anybody – in HR, or even Marketing – can interpret.

What was the result?

I made sure to include as many branded elements as possible, from the color palette to the fonts. Made sure to include data points (and their source) as well as a nudge and CTA to redirect customers to Astronomer and request a demo.
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